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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is having a professional website important for my business?

Having a professional website is important because it provides an online presence for your business that is accessible to potential customers 24/7. A well-designed website can help you establish credibility, build brand awareness, and generate leads and sales.

What is responsive design and why is it important?

Responsive design is an approach to web design that ensures a website’s layout and content adjust to fit the screen size and resolution of the device it is being viewed on, whether that’s a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Responsive design is important because it improves the user experience, reduces bounce rates, and helps ensure your website is accessible to all users, regardless of the device they are using.

What platforms and content management systems (CMS) do you work with?

We work with on WordPress (Divi Theme).

How long does it take to build a website?

The timeline for building a website varies depending on the complexity of the project, the amount of custom development work required, and other factors. However, for a typical website project, the timeline could range from 6-10 business days.

What is the process for designing and developing a website?

Our process is perhaps the simplest solution for small business owners to get their website and get their business online. You just have to add the required pages to your cart (The pages you need on your website. Templates of different pages are added to our library and we are adding more templates continuously). On the checkout page, you have to give us text, images, logo, and color scheme to be used in your website. You have done your part, now it is our turn to make a website for you within the given business days. See the video here to understand the process.

How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website depends on the number of pages you added to your cart. We charge $20 / page to be added to your website. Along with the number of pages, some other factors are as under:

  • Logo creation (if chosen during checkout)
  • Social media pages creation (if chosen during checkout)
  • On-page SEO (if chosen during checkout)
Can you help me with website maintenance and updates?

Yes, we offer website maintenance and support services to ensure your website remains secure, up-to-date, and performing at its best. See our pricing table page here.

Do you offer web hosting services?

Yes, we offer web hosting of our own. If for some reason, you do not want our hosting service, we offer hosting services through our trusted hosting partners too which include Namecheap, Hostinger, etc.
In case, you bought hosting yourself already, then you’ll be requested to give us delegate access to host your website on your hosting account.
The same offers exist for domain services too.

How do you ensure my website is secure?

We follow industry best practices to ensure your website is secure, including using SSL certificates, implementing firewalls, regularly updating themes and plugins, and performing regular backups.
Upon the website creation, we follow industry best practices to secure your website. To continue security service, you have to buy a website maintenance and updates package on a monthly or yearly basis. Normally small websites do not face any problems if left unprotected or unsecured. But there is a fraction of the chance to get hacked if your website gets some popularity and traffic. To avoid this, you have to upgrade to the website maintenance and updates package.

Do you provide search engine optimization (SEO) services?

Yes, we offer SEO services to help improve your website’s visibility in search engine results pages and drive more traffic to your site.

Can you help me with content creation for my website?

Yes, we offer content creation services, including copywriting, graphic design, and photography, to help ensure your website has high-quality, engaging content.
Usually, you have to provide us with the text and images, but if for any reason, you are not able to provide the content, then we can create it for you for just some extra bucks.

Can you provide references or examples of your previous work?

Yes, we are happy to provide references and examples of our previous work. You can check out our portfolio on our website to see examples of our work.

Will I get a personal project manager during this project?

Yes, a personal project manager will assist you with all the questions.